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Malthouse & Distillery
Golan Heights, Israel

The Story of Edre'i

Over 3,420 years ago, a powerful giant named Og ruled over the Kingdom of Bashan (modern-day Golan Heights). He heard news that the Nation of Israel had been delivered from their slavery in Egypt, had lain waste to Pharoah's armies, had conquered King Sihon of Heshbon (modern-day Kingdom of Jordan) and was preparing to conquer and settle the Land of Canaan. So, he decided to amass his mighty armies and attempt to decimate them as they would pass by his borders on their way to crossing the Jordan River from the East. The site of the battle to come was Bashan's fortified south-easternmost border city of Edre'i.


The battle was indeed as brief as Og had arrogantly anticipated. However, rather than emerging the destroyer and conqueror, the mighty Og and the entire bastion of Bashan were instead destroyed and conquered.  Thus, strengthened by the G-d of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob, Bashan became the inheritance of half of the Tribe of Menasseh, son of Joseph.


This victory at Edre'i was, of course, meaningful for the Tribe of Menasseh. However, far more than that, Edre'i became a source of faith, a pillar of confidence and a symbol of strength for all Israel as they continued westward across the Jordan River to fulfill their destiny in their conquest and settlement of the Land of Canaan.


Some 3373 years later, Syria – a republic formed some 30 years earlier - occupied Bashan and in a twist of fate that was beyond coincidental, this modern incarnation of the mighty Og conspired with Egypt & Jordan in what would be the 2nd attempt to destroy the Nation of Israel's nascent Third (and final) Commonwealth . However, in no more than six days, Israel triumphed and retook Bashan, crushing the Syrian forces and allowing the Nation of Israel to return to and reestablish its ancient cities, to embrace its Covenant and to fulfill its destiny once again.


Today, the Edre'i Malting & Distilling Company is established in Katsrin, one of those ancient cities of Bashan originally settled by the Tribe of Menasseh, and is producing a single-malt whisky made from in-house-malted barley grown in the Land of Israel. The company and its creations are a tribute to and celebration of both incarnations of the victory of Edre'i.


We hope you join in the celebration as you enjoy a fine dram of Edre'i.


Malting is the very foundation of every single malt. At its core, malting is simply the conversion of raw barley into a fermentable state and consists of three simple steps - steeping, germination and kilning. However, it is indeed that balance and confluence of water, air and temperature that decorate the palate of flavours which permeate the single malt experience.


At Edre'i,

we craft our own malt from barley grown in the Land of Israel,

using fresh spring water drawn from the Land of Israel,

all while breathing the air of the Land of Israel.

In the end, the lover of single malts is offered a true product of the Land. 

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barley sac
Our work

About Us

T he Edre'i Malthouse & Distillery is the realization of a dream for its founder, master maltster and distiller, Yechiel Luterman.

Born and raised in Canada, Yechiel left his boutique legal practice of 13 years in Montreal to settle himself and his family in Katsrin, a small city located in the centre of Israel's breathtaking Golan Heights.  It's there that Yechiel has founded the Edre'i Malthouse & Distillery.


Yechiel's vision is to produce a fine whisky whose basic ingredients, malted barley and water, are both products of the Land of Israel. No doubt the challenge of overcoming the "norm" in Israel of using malt imported from places like Germany was a difficult one. However, Yechiel found his determination strengthened when he noticed how various strains of indigenous wild barley grow endlessly in the fields of the Golan Heights plateau.


The result of this vision and, dare we say, stubbornness is the wonderful whiskey now being produced at

the Edre'i Malthouse & Distillery.  A true product of the Land of Israel.

Malthouse & Distillery
Golan Heights, Israel

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Katsrin, Golan Heights


Tel: 972-54-713-6976



Sun - Thurs.: 9am - 4pm

​​Friday: 9am - 12pm

​Saturday & Jewish Holidays:   Closed

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